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Triple Barn House

Our team worked closely with the architects to deliver a 1,750-sqft. residence that fuses contemporary design with the pastoral charm of its surroundings.

[Triple Barn HOuse]


[Triple Barn House]


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Triple Barn House

The home’s defining feature is its triple-gabled Cor-Ten steel roof, segmenting the structure into three distinct zones for work, retreat, and communal gatherings. The robust steel facade harmonizes with the iron-rich, rust-colored soil of the hillside, a deliberate nod to Sonoma Valley’s vernacular architecture.

This home is a delicate balance of space that feels expansive and integrated, while still ensuring each zone maintains its unique function under one cohesive design.

Ground-Up Construction

Triple Barn House was raised from the ground up. Our team executed the design plan flawlessly, creating a unique paradise in Sonoma Valley.

Land Development

The 7-acre land development project that surrounds the home combines contemporary design with rustic allure from idyllic surroundings.

Bespoke Features

Along with the countless amount of thoughtful design features, this property includes a 300-ft. driveway, septic, and well access.


Nima Construction

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