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Santa Ana

The space at Santa Ana combines cozy remodeling with high-quality design materials, creating an exciting blend of modern design principles and mid-century sensibility.

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[Santa Ana]

Master Bedroom

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Santa Ana

At Santa Ana, we have crafted a whole home remodel that seamlessly integrates contemporary, luxurious design with mid-century elements. Creating aesthetically pleasing spaces with highly functional elements, our experts adapt the space to ensure comfort for everyday living.

Preserving the original spirit of the home while infusing it with unmatched luxury and a refreshed feel, we ensured that each home space, whether it be the master bedroom or the kitchen, complemented the home’s existing charm. Throughout this remodel, our builders ensured that the remodel resulted in a living space that feels both familiar and elevated.

Whole Home Remodel

Our approach to the whole home remodel was guided by meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of our client’s vision, leading to a comprehensive makeover of the space.

Master Bedroom

The spacious layout, combined with a soothing color palette and luxurious materials, creates a serene retreat that is both inviting and invokes a full-scale home experience.

Bespoke Features

We believe in the power of unique home features. The Santa Ana project showcases custom elements designed specifically for our clients, like the built-in kitchen booth.


Nima Construction

Crafting architectural excellence through precision luxury homebuilding.​

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